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  • Fast Acting 32v

    Contact NowFast Acting 32vSMD Fuse(Fast-Acting) 32V Catalog NO. Ampere Rating Voltage Rating Making Melting Integral (A².S) 06D0250D 250mA 32V D 0.00040 06D0375D 375mA 32V E 0.00087 06D0500D 500mA 32V F 0.00188 06D0750D 750mA 32V G 0.00880 SMD Fuse(Fast-Acting) 32VRead More2015-08-13

  • Fast Acting 125v

    Contact NowFast Acting 125vMD Fuse(Fast-Acting) 125VRead More2015-08-13

  • very fast acting fuse Fast Acting 63v 32v 24v

    Contact Nowvery fast acting fuse Fast Acting 63v 32v 24vSMD Fuse(Fast-Acting) 63V/32V/24V 12D0250C 250mA 63V .25 0.0035 12D0375C 375m A 63V E 0.0011 12D0500C 500m A 63V .5 0.0020 12D0750C 750m A 63V .75 0.0053 12D1100C 1 A 63V 1 0.0065 12D1125C 1.25 A 63V J 0.020 12D1150C 1.5 A 63V 1.5 0.025 12D1200C 2A 63V 2 0.091 12D1250C 2.5A 63V 2.5 0.150 12D1300C 3A 63V 3 0.329 12D1400C 4A 32V 4 0.225Read More2015-08-12

  • High Inrush Current 32v

    Contact NowHigh Inrush Current 32vSMD Fuse(High Inrush Current Withstand) 32V Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃ Materials Substrate:ceramic/glass cover Termination:sliver over-plated with nickel and tin Element:silver Soldering Method Solder reflow:260℃,10 s max. 2 3Read More2015-08-12

  • High Inrush Curret 62v 32v

    Contact NowHigh Inrush Curret 62v 32vSMD Fuse(High Inrush Current Withstand 63V/32V 0.16 Catalog No. Ampere Rating Voltage Rating Making Melting Integral (A².S) 12H1100C 1A 63V HRead More2015-08-12

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