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Application of Hall effect

Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

According to the Hall Hall effect devices, is based on magnetic media, and motion parameters of the object into a digital form of voltage output, which have the function of sensors and switches.

Payment date has been widely used in modern automobile Hall devices: the electrical signal on sensor, ABS speed sensor on the system, car speedometer and odometer, fluid Physics Detectors, various electric load current detection and Diagnostics, engine speed and crankshaft angle sensor, switch, and so on.

For example: car ignition systems, designers would be replaced within the Hall effect sensor in the Distributor mechanical cut-outs, used as ignition pulse generator. This Hall ignition pulse generator with the speed changes in the magnetic field generated in the semiconductor layer of charged pulse voltage controlled electronic control unit (ECU) of the primary current. For mechanical cut-outs, Hall wear-free and maintenance-free ignition pulse generator, able to adapt to the harsh working environment, and precise control of the ignition timing, can greatly improve engine performance, has an obvious advantage.

As an automobile power switching circuit Hall circuit, can inhibit the effects of electromagnetic interference. Many of us know, cars of high degree of automation, microelectronic circuits, the more, the more afraid of electromagnetic interference. While there were many lamps in the car and electrical parts, especially power larger headlights, air conditioning motors and surge currents when they wiper motor switch, the mechanical switch contact arcing, generate large electromagnetic interference signals. With Hall switch power circuit can reduce these phenomena.

Hall device by detecting the magnetic field changes to electric signal output can be used to monitor and measure changes in vehicle operating parameters of the various components. Displacement, angle, angular velocity, such as location, speed, and so on, and these variables are secondary transformation; measurable quality, liquid level, flow rate, pressure, flow, and so on. Hall element output interfaces directly with the electronic control unit can detect. Current Hall sensor can withstand the vibrations, you can work in a range of lingxia40sheshidu to lingshang150sheshidu, all sealed against water and oil pollution, fully able to meet the harsh working environment.

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