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Basic terms of resonator

Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

FrequencyTolerance (adjust the frequency difference): under the stated conditions, at the reference temperature (25 ± 2 c) deviations from nominal frequency allowed. PPm (parts per million).

FrequencyStability (temperature difference): refer to within the specified operating temperature range, deviations from nominal frequency allowed. Expressed in PPm.

Aging (aging rate): under the stated conditions, crystal frequency allows the relative change over time. In years when the time unit of measure known as the aging rate.

ShuntCapacitance (static capacitance): equivalent circuit with series of arm and capacitors, also known as a capacitor, usually expressed in C0.

LoadCapacitance (load capacitance): fL decided together with the Crystal load resonant frequency and effective external capacitor, usually expressed in CL.

General parameter 2 of most concern, that is, adjust the frequency difference, the load capacitance. Some requirements on temperature frequency deviation. If a broad operating temperature range, then the required working temperature range, known as a wide temperature range.

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