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Capacitor quality detection method

Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

1, the resistance with a multimeter check the electrolytic capacitors
Electrolytic capacitors of two root leads has are, and negative of points, in check it of bad Shi, on resistance pressure lower of electrolytic capacitor device (6V or l0V), resistance document should put in Rx100 or Rx1K document, put red table pen received capacitor of negative end, black table pen received are end, then multimeter pointer will swing, then recovery to zero bit or zero bit near. This capacitor is good. Electrolytic capacitors larger, longer charging time, the pointer swings much more slowly.

2, use a multimeter to determine positive and negative of the capacitor leads
Some of the lower-voltage Electrolytic Capacitor, if the positive and negative leads mark when it is not clear, according to it was to pick up small leakage current (resistance), the reverse leakage current characteristics of the judgment. The specific method is: red, black pen touches the two capacitor leads, remember the leakage current (resistance) size (indicated by the pointer swings back and stopped the resistance), and then short the positive and negative leads of the capacitor will swap the red and black table and then measuring leakage current. By showing the value of leakage current standards to judge Flanagan in contact with black lead is positive of the capacitor. Itself in this way small leakage of electrolytic capacitors, are more difficult to distinguish a polarity.

3, use a multimeter to check capacitors
Varactors have a group and a set of anchor. Check it with multimeter resistance gear, set if touching between films, with a red and black pen each rotor and stator, rotating handle, meter pointer does not move, description, short circuit between the stator (touch) if the pointer swings, indicating where there is short circuit the capacitor.

4, differential 5000PF capacitor with multimeter resistance gear rough
Can be broadly identify 5000PF capacitor with multimeter resistance gear is good or bad (5000PF can only determine whether the capacitor being penetrated). Check high value resistance range in ranges, contact with the capacitor respectively two tables when pointer quick swing and recovery, reverse connection, larger swing than first, and then recover. This capacitor is good. Larger the capacitor capacity, measured swing, the greater the meter pointer, pointer recovery time is longer, we can according to the size of the meter pointer swings to compare two capacitor size.

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