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Disadvantages of solid state relay

Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

(1) the conduction voltage drop large, controllable silicon or bipolar Silicon-controlled rectifier solid state relay,, the advantage is to buck up to 1~2V, high power transistor saturation voltage drop between 1~2V, power MOSFET on-resistance than mechanical contacts and the contact resistance.

(2) semiconductor devices to turn off after the may still have a few microamps to several Ma of leakage current, so you cannot achieve the desired isolation.

(3) due to voltage drop, and turn-on power consumption and heat output are also large, high-power solid, solid state relay is far greater than the same volume capacity of electromagnetic relays, and high cost.

(4) the temperature of electronic components characteristics and electronic circuit anti-interference ability of solid state relays,, the advantage is poor, poor resistance to radiation, if no effective measures are taken, and low reliability.

(5) solid state relays contain greater sensitivity, must use fast fuses or a resistance RC circuit for overload protection. Solid state relay related to the load and the ambient temperature, temperature, load capacity will decline rapidly. Good thermal solution is to use solid, solid state relays a top priority!

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