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Graphene manufacture flexible transparent and reliable electronic components

Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

Scholars pointed out that of the University of Manchester and the University of Sheffield, the new material can be used to create two-dimensional design of flexible, transparent and high reliability electronic components. The results were published in the scientific journal nature materials on.

Team is led by Nobel Prize winner SirKostyaNovoselov at the atomic level light emitting diode (LED) manufacturing made the breakthrough at the time.

New research has found that Graphene for two-dimensional materials can be used for the next generation of mobile phones, flat-screen TV and manufacturing the light emitting element so that we can make these devices more thin, flexible, reliable, or even translucent.

LED components mentioned above are manufactured by combining different two-dimensional material, these components can shine on the surface as a whole. These components only 10~40 atoms thick, so it can be used to manufacture the first generation translucent electronic equipment.

In 2004, the University of Manchester separated and a one-atom-thick Graphene was studied. Graphene is widely used, but are considered first of all possible applications in the electronics field. Other two-dimensional materials such as Boron Nitride and molybdenum disulfide were found have since been used in many new areas, there is a great possibility.

By two-dimensional materials stacked layers to create an electronic heterostructures can display electronic component function, and controlled by a quantum well electron movement. Are people who have begun study on optoelectronic devices based on Graphene.

University of Manchester, United Kingdom Royal College of engineering researchers FreddieWithers guidance these electronic components production, he said: "the new LED-based products two-dimensional material only a few atoms thick, is flexible and translucent, transparent light emitting device we can imagine from the simple to the laser even more complex optoelectronic devices manufacture can come from this technology. ”

These LED components at the same time, SirKostyaNovoselov said: "through the flexible and transparent substrate manufacturing electronic heterostructures, can provide the technical basis for the manufacture of flexible transparent electronic devices."

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