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The advantages of solid state relay

Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

(1) long life, high reliability: SSR has no mechanical parts are solid state devices to complete contacts feature, due to no moving parts, therefore in high shock, vibration environments, due to the inherent characteristics of the constituent components of the solid state relay, decided a solid state relays long life and high reliability.

(2) high sensitivity control power, good electromagnetic compatibility: solid, solid state relays a wide input voltage range, low driving power, compatible with most logic integrated circuits do not need to add buffers or drivers.

(3) fast conversion: solid state relay because of solid state devices, solid state relays,, the advantages of switching speed from a few milliseconds to a few microseconds.

(4) the electromagnetic interference: solid state relays do not enter the "loop", no touching the light the arc and back, thus reducing electromagnetic interference. Most is a zero-voltage-switching AC output solid state relay, at the zero voltage turn-on, turn-off zero current, reduced the sudden interruption of current waveform, thereby reducing the switching transient effects.

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