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What capacitors are commonly used?

Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

Capacitors are commonly used:

1, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
Impregnated with a Pasty electrolyte water a paper clip in the middle of two foil winding into thin oxide film as dielectric capacitor. oxide film with a one-way conduction properties, so the capacitor has polarity. large capacity, can tolerate a large amount of current ripple error, leakage current.

2, tantalum capacitors
Sintering tantalum anode, electrolyte temperature of solid manganese dioxide and frequency characteristics are superior to the ordinary electrolytic capacitors, especially the leakage current is extremely small, good storage, long life, small capacity error, and small size.

3, thin-film capacitors
Structures similar to the paper capacitors, polyester, Polystyrene plastic material for low loss dielectric frequency properties such as good dielectric loss of small to large capacity, heat-resistant ability of filters, integral, oscillating, timing circuits

4, ceramic capacitors
Wear heart or pillar-structure ceramic capacitors, which an electrode is mounting screws. Minimal lead inductance, frequency characteristics, low dielectric loss, temperature compensation cannot be made of large capacity, vibration will cause the change of capacity is particularly suitable for high-frequency bypass

5, multilayer ceramic capacitors
Also called leads ceramic capacitor, in several tablets ceramic film billet Shang covered to electrode paddle material, stack collection Hou once around formed a integral of overall, outside again with resin package seal and into small volume, and big capacity and resistance high temperature of new capacitor, high dielectric constant of low frequency alone stone capacitor also has stable of performance, volume minimum, Q value high capacity errors larger noise bypass, and filter device, and points, and oscillation circuit

6, ceramic capacitors
With high dielectric constants of barium titanate capacitor ceramic oxide and titanium extruded into tubes, disks or disk as media and burning seepage method of silver plating on ceramic electrodes made. Ceramic dielectric, it was divided into high-frequency and low-frequency ceramic dielectric types. With a small temperature coefficient of capacitance of capacitors for high stability oscillator circuits, circuit capacitor and padder. Low frequency ceramic capacitor is limited to frequencies in the lower loop bypass or DC isolation or loss of stability and requirement of situations

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