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China Sensor Industry Development Space Is Enormous
Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

Sensor market in China has been steadily rising in recent years, four areas growing faster than China's sensors 15.2012 applications for industrial and automotive electronics, communications equipment for electronics, consumer electronics, industrial and automotive electronics products accounted for 42 per cent of the market share, market size reached 16 billion yuan, sensor exceeded 50 billion yuan in the market as a whole.

Modernization of our industrial processes and the electronic information industry grows at a rate of more than 20 continuous high speed, drive the sensor market is rising rapidly. In recent years, the sensor in the health care, environmental protection, meteorological applications of electronic equipment, such as fast-growing, sensor used about 15 per cent of market share. Such heavy demands on sensors for the local sensor industry offers excellent opportunities for development.

The next five years, domestic market average sales growth of 31 sensors. native sensor demand is largely driven by rapid growth in industrial electronics and automotive electronics, communications electronics, consumer electronics and electronic equipment. Industrial electronics and automotive electronics is the fastest-growing industries in electronic information industry, most sensor application areas, such as measurement process variable, electronic and physical, as well as the traditional movement/positioning, etc.

Sensors despite high market demand in China, the rapid development, but there is a low level, species lacking research problems. There are currently 1688 enterprises engaged in development, production and application of sensors, MEMS to develop and produce only more than 50 and smaller size and application. Without sufficient scale application, leading to our sensors keep low technology but the problem of high prices, will lose the advantage in the international market, making the market more competitive.

Sensor industry development in China, domestic demand for sensors, especially high demand heavily dependent on imports, made huge gap, sensors currently imports 80 per cent, sensor chip imports accounted for up to 90. urgent domestic demand.

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