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DC Voltage Measurement Considerations
Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

Measurements should pay attention to the following eight points:

(1) the internal resistance of the multimeter to a large enough, little more than 10 times larger than the measured circuit resistance, so as to avoid large errors.

(2) usually refer to the Rotary potentiometer to intermediate position, if it is a TV signal source to standard colour bar signal generator.

(3) table or probe skid prevention measures to be taken. Any momentary short circuit is easy to damage the IC. You can take the following approach to prevent sliding table: take a bicycle on the table tip with valve core and long table tip about 0. 5mm, it can not only make a good tip to contact with test points, can effectively prevent slipping, even hit points will not short circuit.

(4) when a PIN is measured when the voltage is not consistent with normal, should be based on the PIN voltage IC work has important effects and corresponding changes in other pin voltage analysis can be judged good or bad IC.

(5) IC pin voltage under the influence of the external components. When the external components leakage, short circuit, open circuit or value, or external electrical connection is a variable resistance potentiometer potentiometer the different position of the sliding arm, will enable pin voltage change.

(6) if the pin of the IC voltage normal, IC is generally considered normal if IC part pins abnormal voltage, you should start with deviation from the normal maximum, check whether the peripheral component failure, if there are no failures, the IC may be damaged.

(7) for dynamic receivers, television sets in when there is no signal, the pins of the IC voltage is different. If PIN voltage should not change but change is found, the signal size and adjustable elements in different locations but does not change, you can determine IC is damaged.

(8) for a variety of devices, such as video, working in different ways, the pins of the IC voltage is different.

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