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IC Method For The Identification Of
Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

1, not in the road test

This approach is carried out when the IC is not welded into the circuit, generally available multimeter measured between each pin corresponds to the ground pin of the forward and reverse resistance and good IC.

2, road test

This is a road through the multimeter test the pin of the IC (IC circuit) DC resistance, AC and DC voltage and total current detection methods. This method overcomes the substitution method to have a replacement IC's limitations and remove the IC trouble, is the most common and useful method detection IC.

3, DC voltage measurement

This is a power case, block DC voltage with a multimeter on DC supply voltage measure voltage, peripheral component; value DC voltage detection IC pins on and compared with normal values, and then compressed down, damaged components.

4. AC voltage measurement method

In order to master IC AC signal changes, you can use the multimeter with DB Jack approximate measurement of AC voltage of the IC. Test a multimeter on AC voltage, and tables into the DB Jack; no DB Jack of the multimeter, threaded a 0 are form is required. 1~0. 5 μ f capacitance. The laws apply to lower-frequency IC, such as TV video amplifier, circuit, etc. Since these circuits have different natural frequencies and waveforms are different, so the measured data are approximate values for reference only.

5. Total current measurement method

The law is by monitoring the IC power into the line of the total current, to found a method of IC. Due to the vast majority within the IC for direct coupling, IC is damaged (such as a pn junction breakdown or open circuit) will cause a back-level saturation and cutoff, bringing the total of current changes. So the method can be found by measuring total current IC is good or bad. Also available measuring resistor voltage drop in the power path, using Ohm's law calculate the total current value.

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