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IC Testing Common Sense
Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

1, before testing to understand the working principle of integrated circuits and related checks and repairs before the first familiar with the integrated circuits function, internal circuit, the main electrical parameters, the pins and PIN the normal voltage and waveform and the working principle of external components. If you meet the above conditions, the analysis and inspection easier.

2, test, not to create pins short circuit voltage measurement test waveforms or oscilloscope probe, tables or probe not IC pins short circuit due to sliding, preferably directly connected with pin perimeter measurements on the printed circuit. Any momentary short circuit damage integrated circuits, flat package in testing CMOS integrated circuits to be doubly careful.

Case 3, is strictly prohibited in the absence of isolation transformers, test the device to touch the floor with grounded live TV, audio, video equipment, such as non-case grounded equipment directly tested without power isolation transformers TV, audio and video equipment. Although most recorders have power transformer, when in contact with a specific power output of the particular larger or using power when you don't know much about the nature of television or audio equipment, first had to figure out whether the chassis is charged, otherwise very easy to live with the backplane of the TV, audio equipment, such as power supply short circuit across the IC, causing the problem further.

4, note that the insulating properties of the soldering iron soldering is not allowed for live, to confirm that the soldering iron is not charged, had better shell ground iron, for MOS circuits should be even more careful, using 6~8V iron safe low voltage circuit.

5, in order to guarantee the welding quality welding when welding, and stacked, stomata likely to cause solder cold solder joint. Welding time usually lasts no more than 3 seconds, hot type 25W soldering iron power application. Integrated circuits that have been welded to look, preferably with the ohmmeter measured between each pin there is any short circuit, confirmed no solder adhesion phenomenon and then power on.

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