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Intelligent LED Switch Is An Inevitable Trend
Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

With cyclical evolution of markets, LED switch industry speculation buzzing intelligent strategic markets are booming, smart switch instead of the traditional products become the inevitable trend, grasp the leading intelligent technology and reasonable application of companies pick up the next boom market.

Market will remain in a cyclical evolution, each cycle had a birth, growth, prosperity and decay processes, every market cycle is supported by a strategic market opportunities. This strategic market opportunities may be determined by the market, such as China's household electrical appliance industry, real estate industry; may be created by enterprises, such as apples. When this strategic market opportunities released out, must be guided by a strategic market opportunities market entered a new market cycle. Otherwise, as the market matures, there will be excess capacity.

How can the condition of a mature market for providing new growth industry? Conclusion, or large-scale product updates or mass product replacement. In summary, existing product must be eliminated.

Now we switch industry, since its switch occurred in the late 19th century, has experienced several generations of product updates, and has been insisting on innovation. Now 86 large switch has lost prosperity, is about to enter a recession. Here we say recession is currently prevails mechanical switches on the market, we see that in a generation switching market, there have been a lot of excess capacity, and for the whole switch market is booming, market volume has not reduced, it is increasing. In other words, unequal development in this conflict, must there be a product that can scale to replace the generation switch, this is the switch during the outbreak of new strategic market opportunities. Otherwise, the industry has been in a State of anxious of this boom, the downturn.

May we all have come to realize, to follow the intelligent road to break through this period, with intelligent LED products to replace old products, activation throughout the industry. However, when it comes to alternative products, we also have to mention Ho intelligent electronic switch. So, what should be said Ho guest conforms to the period of the development of intelligent electronic switch, or Ho created this new strategic market opportunities? Hao intelligent electronic switch is positioned to replace the prevailing prosperity mechanical key switch, fully match current market needs. Of course, there may be a lot of products on the market designed to replace mechanical key switch, but really very few companies throughout the lighting industry.

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