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LED Driver IC Technology Trend Of Three Market Focus
Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

2013 global LED driver IC market is old firm into the expansion, new fray-manufacturers actively. Due to strong demand for LED light bulbs, LED lamps, LED driver IC parts from AC to DC and DC to DC category, there are quite a few vendors to compete for, old and new products come out.

In the international market, Texas Instruments LED driver IC, high visibility in their market. Including NXP, Marvell and other companies in Europe and America, many LED driver IC products. Asian IC design company, 2013 also cut is optimistic about the development of LED lighting market, including accumulation, Li kou Ki, Ang Bao, Silicon power, Rainbow has a layout and planning to enter the market.

Silicon power analog IC factory in mainland China has been Philips LED lighting, NVC, Everlight manufacturers driver IC orders. Rainbow LED lighting for launch in 2013 driven IC, is specialized in industrial lighting, commercial lighting market and apply for Japanese and American companies certification. Accumulation is continuing in the high resolution digital signage market-leading position, but also to the LED lighting market LED driver IC products. In addition, daxin electronics driver IC LED lighting has also entered the Chinese mainland China, India and other markets, and newly developed dimmable driver IC, allowing users to direct the use of mobile phones and flat panel LED lights dimming to meet market demand.

LED driver IC solutions is important, the market focused on the following technology trends and points:

1.LED drive-specific IC output currents, which could reduce EMI.

2. the new generation of LED driver IC design tried to use constant power, past common LED application of isolated and non-isolated, supporters in the LED driver IC market will be different.

3. low power (that is, the 0.5W-3W) LED light sources (LED wafers), with LED driver IC, integrated into the CMC package, this new design is already one of the market's focus of 2013. Highly integrated multi-element direction of encapsulates this trend, with alternating current (AC) direct drive with luminous LED elements, the cost of these technologies for LED lighting and stability, there are always different results.

Overall: LED driver IC technology results in 2013, is to enable LED lighting products to more stable, lower-cost reasons.

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