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LED Power Supply Circuit Can Be Divided Into Six Categories
Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

LED power supply circuit can be divided into six categories:

1 buck, conventional transformer:

This power has the advantage of small size, inadequate weight bias, power efficiency is very low, usually in the 45%~60%, because the reliability is not high, so rarely used.

2, capacitor pressure:

LED power easily in this way under the influence of voltage fluctuation, power inefficient and should not be used when LED is flashing because the circuit through a capacitor step-down, when used flashing, due to charge-discharge function, LED through the great instantaneous current, easy to damage the chip.

3, electronic transformers buck:

This lack of power structure is that the low conversion efficiency, narrow voltage range, General 180~240V, moire.

4, resistance pressure:

This form of power supply power supply efficiency is very low, and the reliability of the systems is low. Because the circuit resistance pressure, interference voltage changes is large, not easy to make power supply, and reducing resistance, which itself consumes much energy.

5, RCC buck switching power supply:

Advantages of LED power supply is regulated in this way range wide, power efficiency is higher, generally in the 70%~80%, is widely used. Disadvantage is mainly switching frequency is not easy to control, load voltage ripple factor is large, abnormal load adaptability.

6, PWM-controlled switching power supply:

For the time being, PWM control LED power supply design is ideal, because this switching power supply output voltage or current is very stable. Power conversion efficiency is extremely high, can generally be up to 80%~90%, and very stable output voltage and current. LED power supplies in this way consists of four parts which are: rectifier, filter, and output rectifier part of energy conversion, PWM voltage control, switch parts. And this circuit is equipped with protection measures, is a high reliability power supplies.

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