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LED Power Supply-driven Approach Can Be Divided Into Two Broad Categories
Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

LED power supply-driven approach can be divided into two broad categories:

A. voltage:

1, after the regulator determines the parameters, output a fixed voltage, output current changes with the increase or decrease in load

2, voltage regulator circuit is not afraid the load circuit, but it is strictly prohibited to load fully short circuit

3, rectified voltage changes will affect the brightness of the LED

4, in order to make each string with uniform brightness regulator Drive LED display, you need to add the appropriate resistance

B. constant current:

1, the drive LED constant current drive circuit is ideal, disadvantage is the price higher

Constant current circuit is not afraid 2, load short circuit, but it is strictly prohibited to load completely open

3, constant current drive circuit output current is constant, while the output DC voltage with a load resistance of different sizes vary within a certain range

Number 4, to limit the use of LED, because it has the maximum current and voltage values

LED drive power is converted to a specific power supply voltage and current of the voltage converter for driving the LED light, typically: LED driver supply input high voltage AC (mains), low voltage, high voltage direct current, low voltage DC high frequency AC (such as output of electronic transformers). LED driver power supply output is mostly with the LED forward voltage drop value varies the voltage constant current source.

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