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Sensor Revolution Reasons For Concern
Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

There are three main points

First, sensor, led by the use of electronic components in favor of smart phones and feature phones. Growth in electronic components depend on the specific applications, prone to imbalances between supply and demand, and so on. The industry hopes to open up a demand and price competitive consumer products other than the new sources of growth.

Second, the potential demand of the sensor in the field of social infrastructure. In order to best of ageing infrastructure facilities management and maintenance, global wants to use sensors and ICT (information and communication technology) needs. Even in primary industries such as agriculture and circulation didn't advance, logistics and other areas of high technology, in order to improve productivity and energy efficiency, demand for sensors is also rising. Sensor user reserve more and more.

Third, the information and communications technology industry wants to use more digital data. Using data from sensors will extend the operational needs and communication needs. Also, if large amounts of sensor data with the combination of open data, big data analytics through a IoT and M2M, it will have a higher value data.

Industry market institutions pointed out: at present, from the entire sensor field of view, while stability, but the threshold is very low. The direction can only be advanced in the future. And the development of the Internet of things will greatly promote the development of sensors, their energy, IntelliSense, security monitoring, environmental protection and other fields will be of great applications. By 2020, the entire industry will reach more than 60 billion yuan, localization rate to more than 70.

Sensor development and applications are expanding, whether the auto industry or the wisdom of urban construction, including the development of the Internet trend, is to show the sensor will usher in a glorious development. But the market environment, the sensor industry in China and have a very good opportunity to grasp, low degree of localization.

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