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Structure And Characteristics Of Capacitance
Edit: Global Link Electronic (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 13, 2015

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor: it is made negative aluminum cylinder filled with liquid electrolyte, inserts made of a curved aluminum cathode. Still need to be processed by the DC voltage, make a layer of oxide film formed on the anode Flake media. It features a large capacity, but leakage error, poor stability, often used as AC bypass and filter requirements also used in signal coupling. Electrolytic capacitors are divided into positive and negative, cannot be reversed. There are positive and negative polarity, when used, positive and negative don't answer back.

Paper dielectric capacitors with two sheets of metal foil electrodes, sandwiched between thin capacitor paper, rolled into a cylindrical or flat cylindrical core, and then sealed in a metal casing or insulation material (such as wax, ceramics, glass etc) shell made. It is characterized by small, larger capacity can do. But there are inherent classifications of capacitors, basics of capacitor inductance and losses are bigger, for low frequency is appropriate.

Metallized paper dielectric capacitors: structure and paper dielectric capacitors are almost the same. It is covered with a layer of metal on the capacitor paper classification instead of metal foil film capacitors, small volume, large capacity, generally used in low frequency circuits.

Oil-impregnated paper capacitance: it is specially processed paper dielectric capacitors immersed in oil, can enhance its resistance to pressure. It is characterized by large capacity, high resistance to pressure, but larger.

Vitreous enamel capacitance: glass as dielectric, has the advantage of ceramic capacitors, and smaller, high temperature.

Ceramic capacitors: ceramic media, ceramic substrate classification of capacitors, capacitor basics spray silver layer on both sides, and then sintering plates made of silver thin films. It is characterized by small size, good heat resistance, low loss, high insulation resistance, but small capacity, suitable for high-frequency circuits.

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